Recruiting in south Florida

How well are the Hurricanes recruiting in south Florida this year? Lets break it down to figure it out.

QB -- None (Alin Edouard, a one-time commitment, was dropped)

RB --
Committed: Joseph Yearby and Brandon Powell
Offered: Sony Michel and Dalvin Cook

WR --
Committed: Tyre Brady, Darrell Langham, and Trayone Gray
Offered: Johnnie Dixon, Ermon Lane, Travis Rudolph, and Corey Holmes

TE -- None

OL --
Committed: K.C. McDermott, Trevor Darling, and Nick Linder
Offered: None

DE --
Committed: Chad Thomas and Demetrius Jackson
Offered: None

DT --
Committed: Anthony Moten and Travonte Valentine
Offered: None

LB --
Committed: Michael Smith and Terry McCray
Offered: None

CB --
Committed: Nigel Bethel and Dennis Turner (will likely get dropped)
Offered: J.C. Jackson

S --
Committed: Ryan Mayes and Marques Gayot
Offered: None

The score card right now is 18-of-25.

Of the 7 not committed, 5 are still in play (Michel, Cook, Lane, Rudolph, and Jackson).

So 43 days from National Signing Day, UM is completely out of the running for just 2 of the 25 players in South Florida they offered.

That's actually very impressive.

The next 43 days is critical for the remaining 5 (Michel, Cook, Lane, Rudolph, and Jackson).

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