Morris talks Louisville prep

Read on to see what quarterback Stephen Morris is saying a few days before his final game as a Hurricane.

On impressing people Saturday with his play since it's his last game:
That's not my concern. I just want to help our team win the game. We are worried about ourselves and focusing on what we need to do.

On his relationship with Teddy Bridgewater in H.S.:
It was a good relationship. We'd always see each other at camps. We didn't play against each other during the season. We played baseball together. He was real competitive.

On Bridgewater:
He's an athlete, a competitor, and it'll be a great challenge for us on Saturday.

On his ankle:
It' a work in progress every day. It's getting better every day. I've been working a lot with Vinnie and the staff.

On the 2013 season:
I think the season started off really well. We hit a few speed bumps and now we want to finish off the season right. My career here at Miami's been fun. I'm glad I was a Hurricane and hopefully when I leave people still call me.

On how he matured over time here:
As a freshman, you go back to what you've always known to do in high school – making plays with your feet and things like that. Then I learned to change protections and things like that. You mature and learn the game in a different way.

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