Waters out; more news

Wide receiver Herb Waters is expected to miss Saturday's game with an injury. Read on for an update on that, along with a lot more.

On practice:
We got a lot done. Now we have to zero in. We'll really focus on the final 48 and get ready to go.

On Louisville:
It's a great challenge. They've been to multiple bowl games that we had to sit out. They get after you, and execute really well.

On Teddy Bridgewater:
He's up for every game, regardless of opponent. He's mature and poised and has great mechanics.

On winning 10:
It would mean a lot. These guys have fought through. The freshmen and sophomores haven't been to a bowl game. It'll give us a chance to win 10 for the first time in a decade and build some momentum.

On the craziness of the week:
So far, so good. The reality is we have to calm down. When a lot of families start showing up, things can get crazy. We did all the fun things Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Now we have to trust the schedule, stay off our feet, and now we need maturity and leadership to fight through these last few days.

On players being focused:
When they're out having fun, they're having fun. When it's time to practice and prepare, they get locked in. They know what we're up against Saturday, and have to get ready for it.

On Christmas dinner:
We're going to Dave & Busters for a dinner. It'll give them a chance to get out of the hotel and enjoy something different.

On Herb Waters:
If it was today, he'd be out. Stacy, Phillip is healthy now. Malcolm. Those guys will be guys in addition to Allen and the tight ends. We don't anticipate having Herb.

On getting to 10 wins:
Double digit wins is important. We went through a touch patch here. For these guys to forego what they've given up, to go from 7 to 10 would be great. A bowl win would give us a lot of momentum and would give us the most wins in a decade.

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