Golden talks about PSU process

Al Golden was a hot topic of conversation this past weekend with regards to the Penn State job opening. Read on to see everything he's saying about it.

A lot of Miami fans were wondering all weekend whether Al Golden would be the head coach here next season. That's because a lot of buzz was created about the job opening at Penn State, where Golden once played and coached. He talked about it on Monday.

"As I said yesterday, it's humbling and flattering and a testament to our staff and players that other people express interest in us. I'm excited about where we're going here at Miami. I'm excited about our student athletes coming back. We have some mid-year guys coming in this week. I'm excited to get on the road recruiting, and ready to move forward. I don't talk about other programs. It's important that we talk about Miami and the direction we're going."

So did Penn State actually offer Golden the job? He won't answer that.

"There have been some universities that have expressed interest and I haven't discussed any of them," Golden said. "I'm not a candidate for any other job. I stand on my statement from yesterday. I am here, plan on being the coach at Miami, and we're ready to move forward."

Golden's name was first mentioned in the mainstream media as a candidate for the Penn State job late last week. It wasn't until Sunday afternoon that he released a statement indicating his commitment to Miami. He explained the timing of that statement.

"The only reason I released a statement is because of how widespread the speculation was. I released it yesterday and we're moving forward now."

Many wondered whether Golden addressed the entire situation with his team over the weekend, a time when several recruits openly wondered about the possibility of Golden leaving for Happy Valley.

"I never went anywhere so I continued to communicate with all of them and the recruits," he said. "We worked through the whole time. Sunday we had to release a statement. Some of our players are already coming back. Some are running track. Mid year guys will be here Wednesday."

Golden's name has been linked to a few other job openings in recent years but never was the buzz as strong as it was this past weekend for a job that many believe Golden one day wants to have.

For now, though, he'll continue to lead Miami's program.

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