Should he stay or go: Kellen Winslow

Kellen Winslow might not be the best option for the Jets but there is more than one option when looking to replace the 30-year-old tight end. Find out who TheJetsBeat's Thomas Rende thinks best fits the Jets offense.

The case for a re-signing a 30-year-old tight end on the wrong side of a set of knee injuries is never the most enticing case for a team to bring back a player in the offseason. That case weakens in lieu of the recent story involving Kellen Winslow during his arrest for marijuana where he was, according to one witness, seemingly exposed himself in the front seat of his escalade.

The Jets would be best served looking elsewhere for upgrades at the tight end position, as Winslow didn't really cut it. In the 12 games that Winslow played he caught 31 passes for 388 yards and two touchdowns. The inconsistent production and lack of explosiveness leave a lot to be desired with Winslow, leaving the Jets in a position to focus on finding a playmaker.

1. Eric Ebron

Speaking of explosive athletes occupying the Jets attention, Ebron should be as high on that list as high as anyone. He has the size, athletic ability, and fluidity to be an extremely effective offensive weapon for any team looking to acquire a tight end in the wide receiver form. The University of North Carolina standout set a school record for yards (973) and catches (62) at the tight end position during the 2013 season. He consistently showed physicality when taking on defenders in the open field and was willing to attack the ball at its height on jump balls.

1. Dennis Pitta: The Jets should obviously make a tremendous push to acquire Jimmy Graham but the likelihood of him escaping the franchise tag is very small. Next on line is tight end Dennis Pitta who missed most of last season due to an injury sustained in training camp. Pitta caught seven touchdown passes a year ago and had a 65.6 catch to target percentage in 2012. He has shown that he has retained the agility that he had before his dislocated hip injury in July. He is a reliable target that could become another useful option for Geno Smith could use a dependable passing option. 2. Jace Amaro: The 6'5, 257 lb. tight end from Texas Tech is no slouch himself, breaking the all-time NCAA record for receiving yards in a season with 1,329. He is a tough player to bring down and is used to playing the majority of his snaps in the slot. His trouble will be adjusting to certain offense's in the NFL but can be effective if used primarily in the slot.

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