Season Preview: Tight Ends

Jeremy Shockey is considered one of the best tight ends in all of college football, and he's got a fifth year senior backing him up.

Coach: Rob Chudzinski

The Starter: Jeremy Shockey (6-6, 236, JR)

The Backups: Robert Williams (6-4, 240, SR), David Williams (6-3, 226, R-FR), and Brandon Sebald (6-5, 240, FR)

The Good Stuff: After losing Bubba Franks to the NFL, many people felt Miami would not see that type of player in this program for another several years. Shockey changed all that last season when he came up with a huge sophomore campaign. He caught 21 passes and three touchdowns as a junior, including the game-winner against Florida State. He put up those numbers despite not even being in the starting lineup. He is now Dorsey's go-to receiver, and could be the type of tight end who could catch 40 or 50 balls this season. As a complete tight end, Shockey is considered by some to be the best in all of college football. His backup, Williams, is entering his fifth year in the program and has plenty of big game experience.

Potential Worries: If opposing defenses build a gameplan around taking Shockey out of the game, the Hurricanes don't yet have a proven pass catcher behind him. R. Williams has experience, but doesn't have a whole lot of career catches, while D. Williams, a better receiver, has never played a down of college football.

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