Q&A with Al Golden (Day 1)

The Hurricanes returned to the practice field today for the first day of spring football. Read on to see everything Al Golden was saying.

On the quarterbacks:
They know what's expected on the field. It was a great first day, lots of teaching. It was a lot of installation. They did a great job preparing for it.

On Ryan Williams:
I was excited today. I know James was. He's so bright. He's worked hard for this. He's growing as a leader. We have to get him continue being vocal.

On Ryan's smarts:
All the quarterbacks are smart. I don't want to take him out of his personality. We are glad he is who he is. He sees it quickly and I wouldn't be surprised if he's at 70 percent this year.

On Dallas Crawford:
We know we can put him back to running back in a few practices. He's physical, smart and tough and its something he wanted to do. We will keep developing him but I don't think there's a guy in this building that believes he's not one of the top 22. He has a great attitude and he's a great kid.

On guys stepping up:
When your number is called are you ready? He has worked hard for this moment and he had a really good day. The competition there is good. Kevin did some real good things. It was a positive first day.

On injured players:
Doc Kaplan saw all those guys yesterday. I will give a whole breakdown on that. I would be erroneous to throw out names. Herb is making progress. A lot will improve. Some will come back and run drills but be no contact.

On Hunter Knighton:
Hunter is doing well but his family has asked for some privacy on it. I don't feel comfortable talking about it but everyone is thinking about him right now.

On JoJo Nicolas:
I came in from out of town and JoJo really embraced me. He was one of our first captains. Our focus is on his family and all of his friends.

On having two QBs coming in the summer:
Everybody that plays quarterback now needs some urgency. Just go out and perform. Kevin did some great things with his feet, going through his reads, finding his outlets. I was really pleased with his start today. It's time to step up.

On Gus Edwards:
Become an all around back – catching the ball, blocking, getting out of his comfort zone. Tucker is doing good there. DeAndre will help us. Hopefully Gus will just keep getting better.

On adding another recruit later:
Yes. We're not in the situation we were a year ago. We know what we're dealing with now. If there's a prospect out there and matches what we need we'll take a look.

On Shane McDermott:
Shane's doctors saw something with the healing process and so I don't know his status for spring but he'll be fine.

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