Q&A with James Coley

Read on to see what offensive coordinator James Coley was saying following the first day of spring practice today.

On Quarterbacks:
"They were aware of different coverage's and different pressures that was showed by the defense today. The defense played fast and strong so I was very impressed by the quarterbacks that they were able to recognize the stuff they recognized especially at the speed that it was coming at them," said Coley.

What would you like Kevin Olsen to improve on?
"Comfort. That's what I want to see more from him. Sometimes you're in a hurry and when you finally get your opportunity you feel like you have to rush things on the field and through rushing things you forget to do wonderful things. I just want to see him more comfortable out there. I think he did pretty well today; I just want to see him being a bit more comfortable. I thought he threw the ball very well today and made some good decisions," said Coley.

On Ryan Williams:
"I would say what impress me with him today. He's really comfortable now. Not a lot fazes him. He's really put the playbook on his back and he's stayed in charge."

On what he wants to see more of:
I just want him to get more vocal. In this process on the first day you to see the transition of "I'm the man" and I think that's going to come the more he plays. He's comfortable but he needs to be comfortable and vocal," said Coley.

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