Golden recaps first two days

Read on to see what head coach Al Golden is saying following Miami's first two spring practices.

Tuesday will be the first the first day in pads.

"They know they're being evaluated. Really good attitudes so far," said Golden.

"Defense is playing fast right now. Ryan is seeing it really well. I'm really excited about the way he's throwing the ball. Really excited about the way he's throwing the ball up the middle of the field," said Golden.

From a pure effort standpoint who do you think has really stepped up from days 1 and 2?

"Rashawn Scott, Garrett Kidd, Stacy and Jelani. Really pleased with Gus Edwards effort. On defense I think Fig is trying to set the standard alongside Tracy," said Golden.

"Deon looks very healthy. Healthier than he has in a year. He just looks different," said Golden.

"Getting good efforts by a lot of different guys we just need more guys to set the standard and hold the other guys accountable," said Golden.

On Jelani Hamilton: there's plenty of talent there. What are some of the challenges that he's facing?

"It's time. Again if we were at a different place two years ago and weren't going through some of the things we were he would have been a guy that we redshirted…"

"He's healthy now. There should be very few mental errors. He's stronger. He's up to 285. He needs to get better. Trust Jethro and have a good spring. I think he will," said Golden.

Dallas looked really good out there today. He made a soaring catch and intercepted another. What can you tell us about his transition to defense and how that's going thus far?

"He was disappointed at the end of the stimulation because he gave up a big one since he doesn't know the coverage yet. I said don't worry about that. You had a great day. He's so coachable. He had a great practice. We've got a long way to go with him at the position. He's just so willing. I'm excited about him. He's physical and smart," said Golden.

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