Q&A with Kevin Olsen

Read on to see what redshirt freshman quarterback Kevin Olsen is saying about spring practice, as he competes with Ryan Williams for the starting job.

Kevin how do you think it went for you and the offense?
I thought we played pretty well as an offense. I think we had a lot of good teach periods, got a lot of work in, before we went live. As a whole I thought we performed pretty well for it being the first practice

What do you think you've improved the most since the bowl game practice?
I think for sure just my knowledge of the game. Where to go with the ball I feel like I have a pretty good grasp of where to go with the ball depending on what the defense is throwing at me.

Knowing that there are two other quarterbacks coming into the fall. Are you putting a little extra pressure on yourself to show something this spring?
I don't know if I would call it pressure. I'm just coming out here every day and having fun and playing like I can play. You know there's stuff I can't control. As long as I come out here ever day and control the stuff I can control like my attitude, my work ethic, and showing the guys on the team that I can be a leader.

Talk about the bond you and Ryan are building even though you are competing for the same spot?
I met Ryan last year and we were good friends. Obviously we're battling it out. At the end of the day I'll be in his corner and I know he'll be in mine.

What can you learn from him knowing that he's been familiar with this offense for quite some time now?
He's got a lot of experience. He played at Memphis he started 12 game his freshman year. He's got a great understanding of the game. He's great to have around. He's almost like another coach.

Is your brother gray giving you some advice?
Yeah he's telling me to work hard and show the guys around you that they can rally around you.

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