Odogwu talks about improvements

Read on to see what redshirt freshman Sunny Odogwu is saying after the team's first three spring practices.

When you come into a program there's a lot of things that you have to learn. What are some of the things that they are repeating to you?
Everything we have to do as O line. I have to work on my technique. The speed is there and the strength is there. I just have to work on my technique. Break down the plays, know the plays, and get the little stuff down.

We haven't talked to you since August. How was the season for you?
It got me where I need to be. It got me focused on what I have to do. It was a great opportunity for that.

Was the playbook overwhelming at times?
Please don't be like me. I was telling Darling. Don't let the playbook overwhelm you. Everything was moving fast and I couldn't focus. But now it's slowing down and I understand what I'm doing now.

When things got fast was it frustrating for you?
Yes it was. I'm not going to lie because you hear everybody yelling. You hear the coaches yelling at you. Your brain is telling you to do this and you have to do the opposite and it's hot, you're sweating, your body is aching. From then and now I feel a big difference.

What do you think is your biggest improvement?
As the season went on it's slow the way I see it everything is easier to comprehend. There are things I have to work on now. I'm learning the plays, learning my calls, but I have to keep improving.

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