Williams breaks things down

Read on to see what senior quarterback Ryan Williams is saying about his improvements, some of his receivers, his leadership role, and more.

How comfortable do you feel always being on the move?
That was the focus today. To get those in the pocket plays down. I think I did good outside of pocket. I think I throw the ball well when I'm on the run. I made one throw that I'm going to be upset for a bit but we'll work on that and get it fixed for Thursday.

What do you think that does for the offense?
It keeps the defense up guard. Just open some things for us.

Do you feel like your arm is stronger?
Yeah I do. Just being out here and working with Coach Coley and getting all of my fundamentals down have definitely helped my arm strength.

Compared to when you first started throwing the football in high school to now; how much further can you throw the football?
I've added about 10-15 yards. Of solid throwing capability. Definitely more zip.

On Rashawn Scott:
I think the big thing for his senior year is that he made a great catch against FAU and got hurt so he had to sit out the season. He's got a great work ethic. I think he's a big play receiver.

On Stacy Coley:
You can see it in his attitude now when he comes to work. He's not the young freshman anymore. He's playing more of a leader role. Now that he's played a whole year and evolved he's starting to see things. He's being more vocal even with me.

Is Stacy more of a talker or is he the quiet type?
He's more of the quiet type. Once you get to know him he's more of the funny type. He'll talk to me and tell me some of the plays that he wants to run. He's more vocal.

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