Hope sets UM CB record

Read on to see what sophomore cornerback Larry Hope is saying a few days into spring practice.

"I just keep working hard. I was told that I had a good body fit to do what I could do," said Larry Hope.

What was the squatting record?
The record was 445 and I squatted 455. I'm bench pressing 315. We haven't run the 40 yet. Last year I ran a 4.49

Talk about your mindset going into spring:
Coach D was saying how it's one thing to do well in the weight room but now you have to transition that onto the field.

On his opportunity:
"I've been waiting for this time. My time is here. I need to learn the plays even more. I've been waiting for this. I'm out there just trying to get focused and listen to my coaches and do what I have to do," said Hope.

Was there something that you weren't doing before?
"I just need to get on the same page as the coaches. Now they see that I'm trying to be all in and I'm trying to what I have to do," said Hope.

How has your strength improvement helped?
"When I first came in I was at 169 and now I'm at 190. I'm always working on speed. On off days I'm running the hills. Strength will make me better," said Hope.

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