Coley talks Olsen, WRs, OL, and more

Read on to see what offensive coordinator James Coley is saying about Kevin Olsen, the receivers, some offensive linemen, and more after a few days into spring.

How has Kevin looked the first couple of days?
He looks savvy he's playing with a higher football IQ. He looks comfortable. That's because he knows what he's doing. Not only is he executing the play but if things break down he knows where he's going with the ball. Right now he's playing with a lot more comfort and it's good seeing him competing out there.

On the way that his arms slot changes along with his footwork. Do you like that or would you prefer for him to be more grounded?
I think your arm angle has to change the way depending how you're throwing the ball if you're throwing it over someone or around someone. So that's just a credit to his hands.

On Beau Sandland:
I think last year was a year where Beau was trying to learn how to be a real tight end. He was wearing two hats; being a receiver and being a tight end. He's very talented of size, strength, and speed. I'm excited to see what he does this spring.

On Rashawn Scott: what are you looking for this year?
Consistency. I like what I'm seeing so far. He's very positive right now; he has a lot of things going for him right now, he's he just needs to stay consistent.

On K.C. McDermott on playing right tackle?
Our guys will be flexible. We'll move them around. Right now Taylor is working at right tackle.

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