Golden talks Ice Harris hire and more

Read on to see what Al Golden is saying about the hiring of Ice Harris, some injury updates, how the new guys look, and much more.

On todays practice:
Good effort. Good energy. Good group to coach right now. Good start. Long way to go as a team. Gus and Ryan have stepped up and are showing us what they can do.

On Chickillo and Herb:
Those two should be ready to come back after spring break. Nate (Dortch), Corn (Elder) and Malcolm (Lewis) are other players that we're going to start integrating after the break.

Noticed that Artie Burns was in green with no pads?
Correct. We're just trying to protect him from an injury. He has a chance to win a national championship (in track). We're just trying to avoid him turning an ankle.

On the hiring of Ice Harris:
Ice is someone who has meant a lot to us over the years. After this season he accomplished everything that you could accomplish at the high school level. We reached out to him and see if he would have an interest in coming back. He had success quickly back at Booker T. We just felt like it was good to have him back.

How do you think the program is going to benefit from him?

He's certainly in the community. Having someone who is on the inside everyday that can communicate how we're doing and how we treat our student athletes. What our mission is and what we believe in. He's got a lot of wisdom. The biggest thing is if you've ever been to any of his practices is the discipline and the life skills that he was able to impart on the team. He's masterful at it and we're glad he's going to help us on that.

First time we're able to see Trent Harris out there. Was he been able to just jump right in?
He did a good job. He really plays with those guys and their approach. Juwon Young and Darrion Ownes. He's been a pleasant surprise for us. Excited for those guys. Trevor and KC are playing a lot. Ryan Mayes has been a really pleasant surprise for us too. We knew they were talented but their maturity and their ability to learn with everything else that's going on you know these guys don't know where half the buildings on campus are and now they have five classes and what we're giving them. Learning a new way to lift, new way to study, new way to watch film.

How's Dallas Crawford doing?
He's really good. As you could imagine, you can feel his presence out there. He's a very physical guy. Very coachable

On what differences are seen in Rashawn Scott:
Process and maturity. Forgetting about all of the outside things. I think Ryan Williams has had a great positive influence on him.

What does he offer you when he does give you?
Big strong kid can do a lot of things for you. We missed him last year. Had a lot of injuries that depleted that group.

On punting progress:
Ricky and Goudis are handling it. So those two will compete for it. We have a lot of walk-ons coming in to help and compete in that department as well.

How hard is to replace a Pat O'Donnell?
Forget trying to replace him. Pat was faster than most running backs at the combine. He's a special kid and I'm happy for him.

Phillip has been running track but how does it feel having him back and making cuts?
It's good him and Josh Johnson were out there today. Really proud of those guys if they weren't there they were here. I'm really proud of how they conducted themselves.

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