Martin reports No. 12

Port Arthur (TX) Memorial 2016 four-star running back Kameron Martin reports that he's up to a cool dozen offers, with the latest coming today from an in-state school...

Kameron Martin reported a Houston offer today.

"One of my teammates told me Houston was high on me," Martin said, "so I got the coach's number like I always do. I called and told them I'm very interested and, shoot, they offered me today.

"I'm very blessed to have this one, and I think I can get more with my God-given talent if I stay humble."

Martin says he's open to all suitors.

"I have interest in all that offer me," he informed.

The sophomore went on to discuss Missouri and Miami.

"Missouri was down here last year recruiting a three-star teammate of mine," he said. "I added the coach on Facebook; I was young and trying to get offers. I kept hitting him up on Facebook because I really wanted the offer.

"I showed him my highlight tape, and we talked every week about their program and what it takes to get a Missouri offer. Academics are important to them. I got the offer last week when they told me they really want me. They said they don't usually offer players this early but I'm a helluva back."

The Canes came through with an offer earlier this week, according to Martin.

"One of their recruits, George Brown, is a three or four star offensive lineman," he said. "He sent me their coach's number. I've been trying to reach Miami's coaches since January 2013.

"Finally, two weeks ago they answered the phone and I told them my name. He already knew about Port Arthur, and he asked how many offers I have. I told him 10."

Martin says Miami pulled the trigger during the next conversation.

"They told me the first time they wanted to take it slow and do it the right way," he said. "They told me to call Monday and asked the same thing about how things are going with me.

"I told them it's all good and told them about track practice; how I had to run five 400's back-to-back and all had to be under 60 seconds. Then they asked how many offers I had again, and when I told them they said I have another from Miami, which made my day."

Martin recently attended junior day at Texas and told Scout's Kevin Flaherty that the Longhorns are at the top of his list.

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