Q&A with Walter Tucker

Walter Tucker is one of three Hurricane running backs this spring. Read on to see what the projected starter at fullback is saying after the first week plus of spring football.

On Dallas being moved to defense:
I wasn't really that excited because he led the team and was always there for me when I had questions. He was my guardian angel. I was excited at one point but I'd rather have my brothers with me.

On his role:
With the fullback, whenever we go 21, I go in at fullback. Most times we're going 1 back and we will split the reps between me, Gus, and DeAndre.

On the spring:
It's a lot of running. You have to be in good condition. We have a lot of run plays. It's split between the three of us. We have three team periods and all of us need a certain amount of reps. There's certain plays that we each run.

On his skill set:
I'm more of a power back. When I break out, you just gotta be able to catch me.

On his weight:
I'm at 220 right now. I wanna get back to 215 to get back my speed and have the explosiveness and power, too.

On coming here as a LB:
I had a feeling I'd play defense, linebacker. I feel real comfortable at running back now. Linebacker was too complicated with all the plays. That confused me.

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