Dorsett talks about his return

Phillip Dorsett returned to practice this week. Read on to see what he's saying about that, his chemistry with Ryan Williams, and more.

On his first day back:
Tuesday was pretty good. I was still working on routes and everything. I worked on blocking, which is always something I knew I could improve on. Today was more of a redzone day. We were working on tight formations and I feel like we got better.

On his football strength:
I still lift with the football team. I was 183 today, which is a good weight for me. I'm more worried about my strength.

On Ryan Williams:
I don't think we will miss a beat with Ryan. He's real accurate. He throws all his balls on time. Everything is timing with Ryan. If you're not running the right route, the ball might hit you in the back of the helmet. If you're good with routes, it'll hit you in the hands.

On Williams coming here:
I knew Ryan from high school and I always wondered why he didn't go higher D1 so whenever he decided to come to Miami I was excited about it.

On the offense:
Pretty much it's the same. We were a really good offense last year when we executed. We're using the spring to focus on being able to execute better.

On the speed at WR:
We're running our base plays. We have some stop routes, some go routes. We have guys who can catch it, make a guy miss, and take it to the house. We're just trying to improve.

On D'Mauri Jones:
D'Mauri is getting a lot better. He's tall, doing better with his jump balls. He's been getting a lot better.

On getting deep ball rhythm with Williams:
It's something we were working on when I was running track. When I got hurt, we were still working on it. Ryan's arm has gotten a lot stronger. Everyone will see that in the spring game whenever he gets a chance to showcase it.

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