State of The Program -- Spring Update

After four practices, the team is now off for spring break for the next 12 days. CanesTime's Mike Bakas gives his analysis on the State of the Program as we head into the break.

QB -- The only 2 being talked about are Ryan Williams and Kevin Olsen, which was to be expected. Gray Crow seems clearly behind those two. Even though Williams has the edge, is running with the ones, and is expected to be the starter come September, Olsen seems to be making a move.

RB -- The only 2 scholarship players here are Gus Edwards and Walter Tucker (who's expected to be the team's starting fullback). Deandre Johnson, a walkon, is also getting reps. Duke and Yearby are out with injuries. UM's been running a lot of 1-back sets this spring, something we'll likely see a lot more of this fall. If Trayone Gray can get into school academically, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he starts out as a RB. He played QB at Carol City and was recruited here to play WR.

WR -- Stacy Coley has been putting on a show. I expect him to be one of Miami's 3 best players this fall (Duke and Denzel). Rashawn Scott has been the most pleasant surprise. Dorsett's only practiced a couple times due to track. Lets hope it continues. D'Mauri Jones is getting his chance. What will he do with it remains to be seen. Herb Waters, Malcolm Lewis, and Braxton Berrios haven't really been involved due to injuries.

TE -- Clive, Sandland, and Standish Dobard have all been getting involved in the passing game. Especially if UM moves to more 1 back sets, look for these guys (especially Beau and Stan) to be more involved in the passing game.

OL -- It's a whole new look. No Linder. No Bunche. No Seantrel. No Shane McDermott (injured). They're going through spring trying to develop the current guys. Flowers is having a great spring. Feliciano is Feliciano. The other spots are up for grabs. We'll know a lot more after a couple live scrimmages but don't be surprised if the OL gets pushed around in those.

DL -- The 2 pleasant surprises have been Calvin Heurtelou and Jelani Hamilton. Calvin is massive and already making an impact. UM needs Hamilton to stay healthy and have an impact. So far, he's showing some signs. Trent Harris is another McCord/Muhammad. UM will have lots of fresh pass rushers this fall, that's for sure.

LB -- Denzel is working at mike, which many were hoping would happen. I think he's going to have an outstanding senior season. Kirby just needs to keep learning. Fig shows flashes of being special. The rest are young and still learning and growing but this is the most competition here in several years.

DB -- Jamal Carter has been making noise here. Throw in Dallas and a healthy Deon Bush and the safety spot looks 10x better than it did going into last season. Lots of competition. The 2 who emerge should be pretty solid. Larry Hope seems to be somewhat of a surprise at corner but it remains to be seen if he can translate it to the season.

ST -- Goudis is punting right now in addition to kicking. I predict one of the 3-4 walkons who will be here in the fall will win the job replacing Pat O'Donnell (wow, what a difference a year will make here). From what I understand, the return jobs are wide open with lots of competition. I'm not sold on Dorsett there, and I'm not sure they are either. Coley and Duke are the 2 best but someone else has to emerge to take the physical abuse off them some.

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