Golden excited about D-Line

Read on to see what Al Golden is saying about the defensive line and why it has him excited. He talks about that, the quarterback competition, the thought about moving a defensive player to running back, and more.

On getting back out there after the break:
Good attitude. It was a physical one today. We wanted to get short yardage and goal line in so you have to be physical in order to do that. Guys came back with a good mindset. The defense got the best of the offense today and so we challenged the offense to respond Thursday.

On the QB play:
Kevin is having a really good spring. He's really matured, calling and texting James, all the things you need a quarterback to do. He needs to continue raising his confidence and continuing to lead. Ryan's had an excellent spring. His accuracy is evident on the field. His percentage is high. Every guy we have has a different talent. He can read it, diagnose it, and get it out quickly. His talent was never a question. He's coming process oriented and it's showing up on the field.

On the competition:
Ryan is number one right now and I know Kevin will have something to say about that but Ryan's doing really well.

On Jake O'Donnell:
Jake's up to 254 and had a really good spring. Clive's absence has really benefitted him. He caught another seam ball today. He's one of our fastest tight ends and is doing things he wasn't doing a year ago.

On the defense today:
The defense was ahead of the offense today. They were tougher and more physical today. I'm not telling you guys anything I didn't tell them. The offense has to regroup and answer the challenge Thursday. They caused fumbles, and were really good in the short yardage and goal line situations.

On Hunter Knighton's potential return:
He's doing good, being integrated right now. Our biggest concern is getting him caught up in school. When he's ready to talk, he'll talk. He's doing great, getting treatment and is getting caught up on school. That's the first step back to normalcy.

On the D-End spot:
I think that's a great competition right now. Kamalu's had a great offseason so far. Chick was close today and hopefully we'll see him Thursday. With Chad and Moten coming in, that's a good position for us. That's the best depth we've had there so there will be good competition.

On Dallas at safety:
He had some really physical plays today. He's bright and has had a good attitude. We can always move him back because he's a natural running back. We feel like he has a better shot of being one of the top 22 on defense. He's making us a better team right now.

On Artie Burns returning:
It was his first day back. It was a really good first year for him. Now he has to get back into football mode and take the jump into spring.

On the size along the D-Line:
We're making progress there. Chick is 280, Kamalu is 280-285. We have Corey King, Earl Moore, Heurtelou is here now. Olsen Pierre is 305. Jelani is 285. We have some guys coming in. We have good size, experience, and depth there.

On Jelani Hamilton:
Jelani showed up some today. He's too talented. It's time for him. Corey King, Earl Moore, Heurtrelou, Mike Wyche coming in. We feel we will have the right matchup there. Calvin has a lot of strength, wow. He's coming along but he's really strong already.

On having depth at DL:
That's the most valuable. They allow you to play the game until the odds are in your favor. A good defensive line gives you that opportunity and we're getting close.

On the tackling:
Jamal is a really good tackler. Dallas' tackling has been great. Denzel's tackling is good. We have to read our keys better. There are things we have to fix but our tackling is already better than it was at the end of the fall.

On Ray Lewis potentially moving to RB:
I think about it a lot. Right now he's at corner and we can make that decision later. We'll see how things develop this spring. He's a good football player and it looks like he can get into the 2 deep at corner then I'd like to leave him there. If that's not the case then we can certainly consider moving him over. Corn Elder is the same way.

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