Q&A with Ice Harris

Read on to see what new staff member Ice Harris, who has been one of the state's premier high school coaches in recent years, is saying about being back at the University of Miami.

On being back at UM:
It's awesome. It's been a great experience. I don't feel like a rookie anymore. I've been blessed to do what I'm doing now. This is a dream. I give thanks to God and Coach Golden for giving me this opportunity.

On getting close to having a degree to coach:
This is something you step into and it's an opportunity. The work I did in high school and in the community was great. I was able to get into classes and work toward finishing it. I am two semesters away in a degree in business.

On his passion for this job:
I'm a coach. That's my passion. That's what I've been wound to do. I want to be around young people and anytime I have a chance to do it in football I am excited. I am still developing young people and that's what I am focusing on here at the University of Miami.

On one day being a college coach:
Once I get my degree, if I had it, we wouldn't be having this conversation because I consider myself one of the top coaches in the country at the high school level and I believe I could do it at the college level no problem.

On his current role:
I'm just working with student athletes, making sure the relationships with the high school coaches around South Florida is good.

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