Q&A with Al Golden (3/20)

Read on to see what head coach Al Golden was saying about several players and position groups following Thursday's practice.

On today's practice:
We have a long way to go on both sides and on special teams but it's good to see guys practicing hard. It was a physical practice.

On the QB competition:
Obviously it's Ryan right now but Kevin's having a good spring. Ryan is ahead right now. Kevin really is having a good spring but as I said going in, Ryan's experienced and is smart and is doing a good job with the football.

On Olsen Pierre missing Thursday:
We held Olsen today but he should be fine.

On Anthony Chickillo:
It didn't look like his conditioning dropped off. We will watch the tape and see where we're at. Anthony can move around. He's 280, has good get off. We will keep moving him around, put him inside on 3rd down. Anthony gives us flexibility there for sure. He can probably get bigger. He looks different. He's holding his weight well.

On Alex Gall:
Alex gives us versatility there. He's intelligent, strong, we're working on his feet. He's smart enough to play center and both guards. We're working him at center.

On Danny Isidora:
We're very happy with him. We have to keep getting him to move his feet. Those big guys have that issue. He's very flexible. His body is different. He's playing good right now.

On the 2nd O-Line group:
They have to grow up. After the first unit, we'll start putting those guys in one by one because we have to build depth. Shane comes back and that gives us six. We're looking for seven and eight but I like how the first line is playing right now.

On Shane McDermott missing time:
He'll be fine. Shane's a veteran. He's getting healthy, getting stronger. The rest will be good getting everything else healed up. I have a lot of confidence in him.

On Taylor Gadbois:
Once Taylor figures out the conditioning, the mental toughness, and the maturity, he'll bring it all together. He has the skill set. He's smart, tough. Once he gets past the point of maturity, I think he'll really take off.

On Tracy Howard:
He has the maturity and now the body and physical part is catching up. His mind is experienced. A lot of times it's the other way around. For him, playing early for us, now the strength is catching up. He's fun to coach. He's playing hard.

On Stacy Coley:
Stacy has to continue to gain weight and strength. We don't have a problem asking him to study and learning the game. That's a great trait. We have to get his strength and overall endurance up this offseason.

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