Williams sees a much improved defense

There's been lots of talk about how much improved the defense has been this spring. Read on to see what starting quarterback Ryan Williams is saying about it and more.

On practice lately:
Every day at practice is more competitive than we have been in the past. The linemen, it's fun to watch them run around.

On the defensive improvements:
I see them out there playing with an attitude. They had that the first few games last year. I thought they were one of the better defenses at that time. They had a let down at the end of the season but now they have a chip on their shoulder and I think they'll bounce back.

On Kevin Olsen:
He's been doing really well so far. That was the two minute thing we start practice with. We want to get him in with the ones. He scored. He's still young, still learning.

On Jake O'Donnell:
When he came in he was a D-End so at first he was trying to learn to play offense. Now he knows the playbook and can play faster. He's a natural athlete who can run and catch the ball and stuff.

On the DB's:
I think all the DBs are improving. We rotate a lot of guys. They've grown up. Tracy is doing a great job leading the group. We're missing LG who I think is really good. Artie is playing good, Antonio, Jamal. We're missing Rayshawn which will be a big help for us next season.

On who else is improving:
I think our D-Ends are doing well. They've gained weight and are causing a lot of pressure off the edge. We gotta work through that.

On fights breaking out more this spring:
You don't want everyone coming out here being too friendly. Fights are going to break out. It happens. Football is always like that, especially when you start hitting. Some guys don't like when they lose and they'll hit back.

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