Q&A with Ufomba Kamalu

Ufomba Kamalu starting coming on late in 2013 and is having a strong spring so far. Read on to see what he's saying heading into Saturday's scrimmage.

On compared to when he first got here:
I'm definitely a lot better. I'm more faster and I have a better understanding of the defense right now.

On his weight:
I've added 10 plus pounds. I'm definitely more stronger.

On the D-Line:
I think we will produce. We're more heavy than last year and guys know their plays a lot better.

On the defense being ahead:
That's how it's been going. In the beginning of the spring we were just getting used to it. Now we're really getting after it.

On proving themselves:
We have things to prove to ourselves, no one else. We want to be good for our sake, no one else's.

On fast tempo offenses:
Some offenses are fast tempo so we can now play chaos tempo. Our guys fly around and can make a lot of plays now, it's crazy.

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