Golden talks team heading into scrimmage

Read on to see what head coach Al Golden is saying about several aspects of his team heading into Saturday's scrimmage.

On practice lately:
They have been very spirited practices. They've been competing. The periods have been fierce and competitive.

On Saturday's scrimmage:
It's just putting them into all the situations we've been practicing. It'll be short yardage, goal line, two minute, plus territory, redzone, it'll be all those. We've been quizzing them and now it's time to test them without coaches. They'll have to recognize it, communicate it, and execute it.

On the QB battle:
Obviously, Ryan's been a leader. Kevin is getting better and is starting to close the gap. Ryan is ahead of Kevin now and Kevin is ahead of Gray.

On Malcolm Lewis:
Malcolm is good. His weight is down and he's as healthy as he's been. His spirit is back.

On selling the school to recruits:
The biggest thing, looking at the new medical facility adjacent to the field, the new turf field, and obviously the player's locker room, the lounge, the training table that will be done by August, and the student center. We can expose them to all that.

On Stan Dobard:
He's doing well, getting better. The group Stan hangs out with are guys who want to play football – Jamal Carter, Artie Burns, Stacy, Stan, Corn Elder, those guys are all football guys. He prepares hard and gives us a physical presence at the line of scrimmage and can get down the field and make plays. We're excited about Stan right now.

On Alex Figueroa:
They held him out with a shoulder and he want to be careful but I have no reason to believe it's severe.

On the WR group:
To me, they're chasing Stacy because of his work ethic, his preparation, and his intensity. He'll go as hard as he can for as long as he can. The great ones have that. He's raised the level of play there and everyone is trying to catch his level. It's nice to have Malcolm and Herb back out there.

On the music at practice:
The kids love the music but it's the best way to teach non-verbal communication. When you're in a loud stadium, it'll help us in terms of that.

On Olsen Pierre:
He's doing good. We're being cautious with that. It's a head deal. He probably won't make the scrimmage but he'll be good after that.

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