Q&A with James Coley

Read on to see what offensive coordinator James Coley is saying about his offensive unit as the team heads into their second spring scrimmage this coming Friday.

On spring standouts:
Ryan has good command of the offense. His abilty to get us into good calls at the line, he's shown tremendous leadership. Ereck Flowers has been tremendous. Taylor Gadbois is doing a good job. He's setting himself apart at the right tackle position. Tucker has had a good last two days. At receiver, D'Mauri Jones made some catches in the scrimmage. We want to see who else will step up this Friday.

On Stan Dobard:
He's tough. He's got that Louisiana thing in him. He's a tough kid. If you squat on him when he's running a route, he'll make you pay. He has brought it every day.

On if Dobard has passed Sandland:
Yes, he's competing. Beau's had the hamstring but they're battling.

On the QB play Saturday:
I thought Ryan made some really good calls, got us into great plays. He's really smart and understands everything. He made a real nice throw to Dorsett. Kevin's doing a good job making plays. He has to work on the other things, the calls, his communication. Sometimes he doesn't understand it so he's gotta be able to communicate what he wants.

On Rashawn Scott:
He got the orange because of the way he performed in the scrimmage. He graded out really high. He made some good catches. He's 204 pounds right now. The big key for him is to figure out how to take it to the next level.

On Taylor Gadbois:
He's had a really good week leading up to the scrimmage. He's a guy competing for a job. We're still evaluating but he's doing all the little things that we're looking for.

On Gus Edwards losing the orange jersey:
We felt in the scrimmage he could have given better effort. Hes being challenged right now by Walter Tucker but we will see Friday. He will have an opportunity to get it back. He's tough. He had a great redzone run, broke a tackle from 8 yards out. What Gus has to grow into is a big guy who plays fast all the time. He's fast so he's gotta show it.

On Walter Tucker's role:
He's double duty right now because of some injuries we've had. His blocking is night and day compared to where it was in December.

On what still needs to happen this spring:
We still have to play our brand of football. We aren't there. We want to be a tough team. When you play us we want guys worried about walking out with healthy guys. We want to be that team and we still aren't there. That is what I want to get done.

On Raphael Akpejiori:
I've been able to size him up but I haven't seen him do stuff yet. It's intriguing. We're looking for another body everywhere, and at tight end. We're short there right now so getting him out here is great.

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