Olsen making big strides

Kevin Olsen is having a strong spring and has really made the quarterback competition quite interesting this spring. Read on to see what he's saying about that, his performance in last weekend's scrimmage, and more.

On his improvements:
Definitely getting to know where to go with the ball, getting more comfortable with the offense and what the defense is doing. If we're in a bad play I can slow us down and get us into a better play.

On his improvements physically and mentally:
It's a little bit of both, Every day I get better and better and knowing what everyone in the room is doing.

On the battle with Ryan Williams:
I think we both have our ups and downs. We both throw some great balls but we also have our share of bad plays.

On his scrimmage performance from Saturday:
I think I played pretty solid, played good enough for us to win. I made my fair share of mistakes and made some costly errors and could have gotten us into better plays at times but for the most part I thought I did alright.

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