Hurns talks about Draft prep

Allen Hurns is preparing for the upcoming NFL Draft along with several other Hurricane seniors. Read on to see what he's saying about the whole process following yesterday's Pro Timing Day.

On the process:
It's a long process, one of the longest I've ever been in. It's not stressful because you're close to your dream. You work out every day, prepare for the combine, but I've been enjoying it.

On his recent workouts:
I'm working out at Pete Marino's in Aventura. Me and Stephen have been working out there with pro guys. I've been working on my speed.

On his speed:
I ran a 4.53 (at the combine). I'm not nervous about it. It's in God's control. I gave it all I got. I thought I did good in route running and that's my strength.

On the rankings:
I don't get involved in that. I showed them what I can do as a receiver. I show them that I can do it all – short, intermediate and deep routes.

On being so clutch on 3rd down in 2013:
If it comes to me on any down, I'm gonna get separation and then make the catch.

On working out with pro guys lately:
Guys like Colin Kaepernick have been out there.

On the difference in NFL and college:
You gotta get in and out of your routes really good because the timing is so different. Otherwise, I don't see much of a difference.

On his weight:
During the season I was 192. I was 198 at the combine. My body fat went down so I feel really good.

Note: Hurns checked in yesterday at 6-1.5 and 194 pounds. He ran a 4.55/40, jumped 31 on the vert, and kept the rest of his numbers that he did at the combine.

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