Golden talks about QB situation

Read on to see what head coach Al Golden is saying about his team's quarterback situation now than Ryan Williams is out with an ACL injury.

On Ryan's injury:
Ryan's a class individual so he's been unselfish. Now it's time for us to give our support. He's going to be on his own with rehab so we have to rally around him. Gray Crow came out and performed the best he's been. Kevin did well. That was a really good start for those two guys.

On his surgery:
Right now it's a discretion of the doctor of when the surgery is. In terms of what that means, July, August, September, I don't know. He will go to work. No one will do it harder than he will. Whatever the shortest time table is, he'll get it done, I promise you that.

On the two incoming freshmen:
Both of them will be here in May. They'll get a jump on it. It was a good start today for the other two guys. They both elevated from where they were.

On if surgery is tomorrow:
That's up to the doctor. If it is tomorrow, we will release that.

On Olsen and Crow:
It's about finding what the best fit is for Kevin and Gray. We need to get the ball to the playmakers. It's the same system but they each do something really well.

On their progress:
Kevin is creating really well. He's stepping up in the pocket, keeping his eyes down the field. He didn't miss a beat. Gray today, you can see he has a strong arm. He was doing some play action. He threw some really good balls today.

On the competition there now:
There was a good competition today and that will continue with the spring game. And then we will get two more guys in the mix before Ryan returns. Ryan will be around, leading.

On today's practice:
The whole day was crisp. I ended up cutting 20 minutes for it. I thought Friday night was our best day and this day was better than Friday. This team has been really focused since we came back January 12th. We're excited about where we are and finishing this week off right.

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