Olsen: I didn't come here to be a backup

You don't want to miss what new Miami starting quarterback Kevin Olsen is saying about his new role. Read on for it.

On the injury to Ryan Williams:
When stuff happens it's such a shame how Ryan went down. We're sad about it but we will work on getting him back, keeping him in our prayers. I'll be there for him. We need to step up as an offense. We need to rally is what the coaches were saying today.

On being the guy here now:
Being the guy is something I always wanted. It's why I came here to Miami. It's a shame this is how it happened but I've embraced the break I got. It's unfortunate what happened to Ryan and I'll be there for him with whatever he needs and I know he'll be there for me as I get ready as he comes back.

On what UM loses in Williams:
He's a great competitor. He goes out every day and gives his all and doesn't make many mistakes.

On whether he's nervous now:
I shouldn't be here if I as nervous. I didn't come here to be a backup. Ryan was the starter and I was going to be there for the backup role. Sometimes you get tough breaks in football. We have to move on as an offense.

On his spring:
The spring has gone really well for me. When I was taking a lot of the two reps, I thought I was grasping the offense and guys were rallying around me. I want them to see that I can be the guy.

On being a leader:
I'll definitely be a leader. I won't yell and scream but they can count on me being there every day. If we score a touchdown, I can't dwell on it. We expect to have success.

On the players around him:
It makes it a lot easier having as much skill as we have. The offensive line is playing great. It definitely helps a lot to have guys like that around me.

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