Coach D on what he thinks has improved most

The Hurricanes will finish up spring practice this weekend and the defense seems to have improved some. Read on to see what defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio is saying about the improvements, what lies ahead for this unit, and more.

On the incoming DL:
When you go out and get a Junior College player (Mike Wyche) you only get him for a few years so it's different and you expect him to compete for a starting job. With Chad (Thomas), a player of that caliber, you need to find a way to get him involved and we'll do that.

On the injury to Ryan Williams:
I don't think we have to change what we're doing. We are moving in the right direction. Everyone in our organization is trying to rally around him.

On what has him most excited:
The linebacker group has me really excited. We have four guys who have played a lot. Kirby hasn't played a lot but he's had a good spring. Grace is talented and is really starting to show up as an every down guy. Jawand Blue has started to show up. That group is an athletic group and I'm excited about them. Our rush linebackers are showing up.

On what role Tyriq McCord will play:
He'd be an outside linebacker first. He plays on the ground and can stand up. He's a hybrid. Everyone calls it something different. We call it our rush linebacker.

On the defensive performance in the last scrimmage:
We tackled better, got after the ball, broke up passes, and got better on third down and in the red zone across the board.

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