Coley talks about new QB situation

Read on to see what offensive coordinator James Coley is saying about Miami's quarterback situation now that Ryan Williams is out.

On the last few days:
You see the urgency out here when they're warming up, in meetings. Guys came up earlier and there were a lot of questions asked when they first walked in.

On the mood after Ryan went down:
The mood has been the same. I try setting the tempo for meetings. We don't have a lot of time. There are a lot of things you have to cover. They're moving around fast. There are certain things Ryan would respond to because he's been here.

On spending time with the new QBs:
You can go over the playbook, talk about it on the phone. We just can't work them out. They're two smart kids.

On his feelings for Williams:
I feel for him a lot. We text back and forth all weekend. He said he felt great. I feel like I just tore my ACL. I feel for him because of all the hard work he's put in. He made great strides from last spring until now. He has another challenge in front of him now so we'll see how that goes.

On the progress of the young QBs:
I think they've done a really good job of taking a rest and did some really good things today. They worked on things they needed to correct. They are throwing it well.

On Kevin's development:
Kevin is a player's player. He has a good feel for it. He understands the concepts. He just needs to continue getting better with the process. Don't forget to give a signal to a receiver when you see a certain coverage, things like that.

On the role the incoming freshman QBs will play:
There are no rules on starting true freshmen so if they come in and beat out the guys here now, they will get the job.

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