Mike's Take: New OL commit

CanesTime's Mike Bakas breaks down the game of Miami's newest commitment, what he brings to the table as a prospect, what it means for Miami's class, and more. Read on...

Tyler Gauthier says he committed to Miami on Monday morning.

What to Like: At 6-foot-5 and in the 300-pound range, Gauthier already has the necessary size to compete at the college level right now. He plays left tackle at the high school, which means his coaches believe he's the best blocker they have (and not just the biggest/strongest kid). He comes off the ball with authority, makes good pop on first contact, and is often seen making blocks at the second level and down the field. He was voted second first team All-Area by the coaches in the area and seems to have a real good understanding of how to play the position. The Hurricanes offered him back in February, so he's someone they've wanted for awhile now. Getting him to camp here is probably something they wanted to make happen before they accepted his commitment. They were able to watch him in person, coach him up, and evaluate the intangibles.

What may concern you: While he already has ideal size, he needs to add more strength to be able to compete at the major college level. While he's a decent athlete, he's not a sure fire left tackle so it's possible that he'll play inside and have to have even more pop whenever he makes contact with a defender. His flexibility (natural ability to bend at the knees) needs improvement. Like a lot of prep linemen, he'll need to rely less on his size/strength advantage he has in high school and learn to use his hands and proper technique at the college level.

Bottom Line: Gauthier had a handful of Division 1 offers and a few from BCS schools, which means he's being recruited like a low-end three-star prospect. He becomes Miami's 4th offensive line commitment in the 2015 class. He's a kid they offered early in the process and were able to evaluate at camp so he's definitely someone they really want. I think Kevin Feder and Leeward Brown are better prospects but he (along with Hayden Mahoney) are rock solid, and sound commitments. With four solid O-Line commitments before the summer really gets going, Miami can now focus on adding only the elite players at the position. That's a good spot to be in at this stage of the game.

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