Brooks One of the Nation's Best

Virginia's Ahmad Brooks is one of the nation's best linebacker prospects, and he has a list of scholarship offers to prove it. He says he likes Miami a lot, and the Canes are under consideration for getting one of his five official visits. Brooks talks about Miami in this interview.

On tape, Brooks is absolutely awesome. He's as good as any linebacker prospect I've seen this season. I've never watched him in person, but a good friend of mine did at the NIKE Camp at Penn State and said he was every bit as good as I think he is.

At that camp, Brooks checked in at 6-foot-3 and 230 pounds, and ran a 4.65/40. Brooks says he has that down around a 4.60 now. Either way, he's plenty fast enough because as a sophomore, he made 202 tackles, and registered six sacks and one interceptions. That's right, 202 tackles! He broke his ankle early in his junior season and missed most of it. But he's back 100 percent and is one of the elite linebacker prospects anywhere.

Your current core GPA: 2.4

Your current test score: I dont have it yet.

Which schools called in May: Virginia, Virginia Tech, Florida State, Miami, Tennessee, Michigan State, Penn State, Rutgers, Southern Cal, Northwestern, Michigan, Syracuse, and UCLA.

Which schools have sent you a scholarship offer in writing: Virginia Tech, Virginia, Penn State, West Virginia, Rutgers, and Florida.

If signing day were tomorrow, what's it looking like: My top four and the ones I'll visit for sure are Virginia, Virginia Tech, Florida State, and Tennessee.

What about Miami: I like them. But I aint really got a lot of mail from them lately, so I don't know what's up with that. I will try to visit there unofficially, but I just dont know about an official visit just yet. They could get my last one, but I dont know that just yet.

Personally, it sounds to me like Brooks likes Miami, but doesn't understand why he hasn't been getting a whole lot of mail from them lately. He seems like a big time kid that should have an offer by now, and that alone would probably get him to visit. So stay tuned, we'll have to see what happens.

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