Heaps hoping to earn trust of teammates

Jake Heaps says his primary focus this week has been trying to earn the trust of his coaches and teammates. Read on to see what Miami's new quarterback is saying.

On being here:
I’m really excited. It’s a great opportunity to come to Miami and play with all these great players. This is when we find out what kind of team we will have.

On the difference in talent here:
You see it with the speed and these guys are extremely talented. It’s been fun getting to work with them every day and to build chemistry with them. They’re talented and hard working guys. As a quarterback, it’s nice not having to drag anyone out. They’re just as excited as I am to get out there. We’ve gotten a lot of work done and I’m pleased with how things have gone.

On whether he’s earned their trust:
I have worked extremely hard to do that. I’m not sure I can answer that. Only my coaches and teammates can answer that. I just came in and have been myself and have worked very hard.

On the entire QB situation:
That is something a lot of people are wondering. It definitely could be. It’s an interesting dynamic going on right now. It’s gone extremely well. They’re all great guys who understand the situation. As a group we can get better by pushing each other. At the end of the day the best guy is going to play and we understand that.

On what they have to accomplish this month:
We have to make sure we’re running smoothly on offense, and develop chemistry. It’s important for me to develop a rapport with these guys. We worked hard over the summer and now have to make the transition to being in camp.

On picking up the offense:
Coach Coley and I talked and I already understood the concepts. Now it’s just understanding the terminology. I feel confident with where I’m at right now.

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