Golden: Now is far different than a year ago

The Hurricanes are now finished with their first wee of fall camp. Read on to see everything Al Golden is saying about it, and why he believes things are incredibly different than a year ago.

On the punters:
They’re doing a good job. We are tracking their times and distances. They are competing. We’re the only place in America with a punter controversy. Pat was good. I’ll let them compete every day and then compare them in a live situation.

On staying healthy:
We are strong, mature, and in great shape. We just have to continue being smart. Injuries are part of the game. We monitor all aspects of it. A lot of it depends on the maturity, and we get a lot of things done because this is a very mature team. We just have to continue knocking on wood.

On the leadership:
I thought we made good leaps last year in terms of leadership. It’s the reflection of the entire culture. Everyone who’s been here understands the routine. These guys are making life fun. Camp is never easy but they’re where they need to be when they need to be. There’s an edge. A lot of guys have a chip on their shoulder.

On how quickly things are moving:
A week from tomorrow we’ll be wrapped up. There are some regular practices after that so it’s go time for a lot of these guys. Installations are slowing down. Now we want to see who can perform and execute.

On the difference now from a year ago:
What a contrast from a year ago. How we attack, how we talk about who we are. It’s just different. This building’s done. The fields are done. $120 million dollar buildings are done. A lot of things that needed to be in place when we arrived a few years ago. We weren’t in this facility, we needed an overhaul. A lot has changed. Throw in the student center and it’s been a half billion dollars in changes so that’s exciting. We are jacked up about everything right now. The kids want to bring the U back.

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