Golden talks QB situation and more

Read on to see what coach Al Golden is saying about the quarterback competition, getting Duke Johnson more involved, the competition at linebacker, and much more.

On Joseph Yearby:
He’s fine. He did great this afternoon. We’re making sure we’re on top of it. He had a great afternoon. This is his first time really going. He’s a little behind Duke in terms of when it took place. He’s fine, and will be good.

On the upcoming scrimmage:
It’ll be ones/ones, twos/twos, and situations. We’ll spot the ball in all areas of the field we’re working on right now. We’ll see how they respond without coaching.

On the starting QB:
I don’t. We will discuss it tomorrow and go from there.

On Calvin Heurtelou:
He’s changed his body, dramatically. He’s leaner and more comfortable. He got himself in great condition. He’s strong, mature, and hungry. We’re very pleased with him, and Courtel Jenkins is having a good camp.

On the SAM LB competition:
Darrion’s having a great camp. We just have to keep pushing him. Thurston is bigger, 240 pounds, with lots of game experience. He plays sam but can play will in the nickel. That’s a good competition. Darrion Owens is one heck of a player. We’ll see how that unfolds.

On the competition at camp:
We call it campetitilon. Guys get jacked up about it. It gets loud in there. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s just fun to be around. That practice today in helmets is as good as I’ve seen.

On getting Duke more involved in the passing game:
We didn’t do it as much as we wanted to or needed to a year ago. He catches it really well. He’s doing a good job with it. He should be excited about it. He’s setting the standard with how to run after the catch. Every time he touches it he’s trying to run 25, 30 yards. He’s setting a great standard.

On how he’s improving:
He won’t give you too many square ups. He can get guys to move and find a soft spot. He’s running really well between the tackles, and not bounce everything, which was second nature coming in. He is really executing to the design of the offense. Duke is having a really good camp.

On Trevor Darling:
I think Trevor is doing well. We had him at guard early on. He’s so much more comfortable at tackle. Those guys are making me stop talking about 7, 8, 10. All those young guys are doing well. Those guys are getting me fired up with how they’re competing.

On the QB competition:
It’s tight. It’s unbelievable to think about. A few weeks ago it was three guys who we hadn’t seen. It’s one heck of a battle. I’m excited about their commitment to this team, and how much they’re improving. Balls aren’t on the ground a lot. We’ll see how it plays out. I thought we could narrow it down by Thursday but that’s going to be tricky.

On the defense making strides:
The defense has an edge to them right now. They have a chip on their shoulder. They know they have to get better against the run, and on third down. That will be a big test for us in the scrimmage.

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