Perryman recaps scrimmage

Denzel Perryman led all Miami defenders with nine tackles in Wednesday's scrimmage. Read on to see what he's saying about that, the quarterback competition, and more.

On the scrimmage yesterday:
It went well. We all competed, and that’s what I told the group before we went out. It was a good scrimmage overall.

On if the defense won:
I feel like we won. We gave up two touchdowns we shouldn’t have but it was competitive. We gave up a goal line touchdown, so I don’t count that. When they actually had to run run, we gave up two.

On the quarterbacks:
They all looked good. They’ll make mistakes but being under pressure they did well.

On several batted passes:
That’s one thing Coach D preached to the D-Line is to get your hands up and it showed. That’s extra pressure by the defense. It’s not the quarterbacks’ fault.

On Duke’s long run:
I actually ran into Shane McDermott. We collided and both fell. As I was getting up, I saw Duke running away.

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