Coach D talks defense

Read on to see what Mark D'Onofrio is saying about Monday's scrimmage, why three players are wearing black jerseys, the competition at certain spots, and more.

On the play of the LBs Monday:
Denzel had an awesome scrimmage. I am pleased with the linebackers. Jermaine Grace played well. He has to finish plays but he was as productive as anyone.

On Chick, Corn Elder, and Artie Burns wearing black jerseys:
As for black jerseys, it’s did you do your job, did you finish your plays. It was based on the scrimmage. We haven’t adjusted it yet. We created a real high standard for that. It’s not something minor. We make it at a high level. A few others were close but just fell short in some areas.

On how to get one:
How do you grade out and how many plays do you make and how hard to you play? Did you finish at a high level? If you don’t turn and run to the ball, that’s not our standard.

On those three players from Monday:
Artie had a strong performance. He made a lot of plays. Corn was excellent. He was a playmaker in the scrimmage. Chick made a lot of plays. He’s doing an unbelievable job doing his job every play. He’s making more plays than he ever has.

On the deepest position:
The corner position now. There hasn’t been much separation between the top five guys. There are a couple guys creating some separation with this last scrimmage but it’s probably the position we have the most competition at.

On the D-Line Monday:
Pierre and Chick did well. Calvin did well. Courtel did a nice job. Chad did some nice things. Quan did a nice job rushing the passer.

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