Coley talks QB situation and more

Read on to see what offensive coordinator James Coley is saying about Monday's scrimmage, the quarterback competition, and more.

On the QB play from Monday:
I thought Brad did some really good things with the first unit. There were two or three drives where he showed a lot of poise. He was very accurate. I thought Kevin threw it well, was accurate. Malik started out strong and had issues with snaps so it kinda of hampered his scrimmage. In the beginning he was on fire.

On the QB competition:
It’s pretty close. It’s heated.

On worries about Jake Heaps:
Zero. He’s great. He threw some really nice balls today. He was a little sore the other night so it was better safe than sorry. He’s played a lot of football. He came out here and threw some darts. I’m not worried about it.

On the high number of sacks Monday:
Some of those were just great 1on1 jobs by some of the defensive linemen. They did a great job with their scheme. Other things were young guys learning to play. I love how they’re coming along but they’re young. It’s a great learning experience for them and for the quarterbacks to get the ball out quicker.

On if it concerns him:
It doesn’t. In football, guys get beat. They have to be where they need to be with their feet. They have to get the ball out, feel the pressure. Some guys feel they can get better protection but it’s adjustments they have to make. We try giving everyone a shot with the ones.

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