Crawford was outstanding Thursday

The Hurricanes practiced again Thursday, and Al Golden says Antonio Crawford was outstanding. The talented junior picked off two passes and is competing at what is probably the team's deepest position right now. Read on to see what Golden is saying about that and some other position battles.

On Jake Heaps today:
I thought Jake was sharp. He ran it really well, threw more deep balls than we have. I thought he did well. He’s back with the ones.

On the cornerbacks:
If we start yesterday, I thought Ladarius has really improved. I think Corn probably had his best day yesterday. Artie did well. Today, Antonio gets two interceptions and he looks good. They’re all competing. It’s a good situation. They’re competing for the two starter spots and the nickel.

On the depth at CB:
Ladarius, Corn, all those guys have made a good comeback for us. It’s a demanding position so we’ll play a lot. They’re all competing for a starting job but they’ll all play a lot.

On Phillip Dorsett sitting out today:
I thought he had a great day yesterday and we’ve rested a lot of receivers so we rested Phillip.

On Matt Goudis:
There’s nothing there in terms of pain. It’s just strength. You build it back up by kicking and resting. He’s making a lot of progress and keep doing that. He’s doing well.

On the linebackers:
Thurston is playing good football. Darrion Owens has been consistent. Grace is active. Kirby is back. Juwon Young and Tuck should be able to help us. It’ll be a good group. Tuck and Grace just have to keep hammering their techniques. Having Thurston and Denzel, veterans there, should help.

On David Njoku:
We think he’s more inclined to be an offensive player. Where he is right now, I told him he’d have to be on slim fast to stay at 230. I believe he’ll be 250 on March 1. We see him as an H Back. If he helps us this year it’ll be as a redzone receiver. We could always go back. We looked at him for two days. He agreed that it was best for him to go back to offense.

On the rush end competition:
Quan and Tyriq and Trent, they’ve all been taking reps. We have depth there. Quan was one, Tyriq two, Trent three. They’re all three in the mix.

On Fentress being on scholarship:
Yes, he’s been renewed. He’s a starter. The only reason he doesn’t start on every special teams unit is because we use him in other ways. He’s smart. He’s a tremendous leader. He’s a two position player for us. He’s unselfish.

On the starting punter:
They’re going back and forth. We’ll have a special teams scrimmage tomorrow and determine some things. We might not determine the starter until next week.

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