Golden: Some positions are still open

Head coach Al Golden says there are still several position battles that have not yet been determined. Read on to see what he's saying about those, Louisville, what he'll tell Brad Kaaya before the game, and more.

On any new competition battle winners:
No. We’re still going. Some of it’s too early. I like our depth. Some guys like Chick and Denzel are settled in. The back four is up in the air. Gadbois, Kc, and Trevor are all still in the mix at tackle. We’ll see more of Herndon and Jake O’Donnell as the 3rd and 4th tight end. We’ll probably play six or seven wide receivers.

On young guys being prepared:
The last few years we counted on a lot of young guys to play key roles before they were ready. We’re counting on them now but not as starter roles. That will help. With Brad, he has a veteran line in front of him and veteran guys all around him so that should help.

On Denzel’s role:
He’s in the middle more often now. His package should go up slightly. Kirby and Grace have done a good job at will and we’re counting on that tandem to come through for us. Denzel is stout, gained strength and hasn’t lost speed.

On what they’ll say to Brad Kaaya:
I wont say much to him. He’s been consistent with his approach. He has a great support group with Ryan and Jake coming on the trip. Those guys have been great all through the competition. We won’t change anything. He has a great cast around him.

On Saturday’s games:
We will practice Saturday. Be a fan, enjoy it, and appreciate the opportunity they have Monday night but don’t get too caught up with other teams. We can only control us.

On Kaaya getting this prepared:
We thought he’d compete but we’ve taken a lot of roads to get to this point. He studied, lost 20 pounds, and put himself in this position.

On the rush end position:
All three will see action Monday night. That’s a good battle. Two days ago I told the defense, look at Demetrius Jackson. Trent was ahead of him, partially because he got here earlier. Demetrius is really coming along right now.

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