Golden talks about travel squad and more

Read on to see what head coach Al Golden is saying just three days before the team's season opener against Louisville.

On Louisville’s defense:
We know the personnel and it’s excellent. We saw it first hand last year. We are trying. There will be some guessing. They do a great job out of the 3-4. We have to be ready for it all. There are always several variables.

On freshmen traveling:
There’s a bunch of them. Darrion Owens, Juwon Young, there are a bunch. Tyre Brady is ready. Langham is ready. They’re both traveling and will select the final travel squad and set the depth (chart).

On Walter Tucker’s role:
I think the order will be fullback, special teams, and then linebacker. He’ll definitely see it on offense and special teams. He’s close on defense.

On the right tackle spot:
Right tackle, Feliciano can play there, Gadbois, Darling, McDermott. We will rotate all those guys there. Safety will be determined out here.

On Matt Goudis:
We pulled him back from punting. Vogel has been doing better at kickoffs. I expect (Goudis) to be ready to go by gameday.

On the walkon program:
We’ve all emphasized that. We’ve made a lot of progress. The NCAA packed up and went away but we’ll be light on scholarships so the walkon program will be as important as ever. We have a few guys now making a difference. We worked hard at that.

On the QB’s traveling:
Four will. Of course the first two and Ryan is as a captain and as a leader.

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