Jenkins talks about Louisville game

Read on to see what freshman defensive tackle Courtel Jenkins is saying about the season opener.

On the opener:
It felt good. The coaches put me in a situation where I’d be ready.

On the difference from HS:
I’m much stronger.

On what his teammates said:
My teammates said I was good but after that game just move onto the next game. The coaches just said be ready for more playing time.

On his grade:
I was at 80-percent and I think I played 26 snaps.

On how much he expected to play:
I expected to play but probably not that much. After Calvin went down, they called my name. He’s great, back at practice, and is teaching me things I need to do.

On traveling opening week:
It was fun. Everything was just so new to me. I took it nice and slow. I’d never been there before.

On Florida A&M:
It’s going to be a good game. I’m ready for it.

On his ability:
I feel like I can go out there against any team and do what I do. It’s all about executing.

On getting in shape before fall camp started:
I was training every day and eating right. I came here at 325 and now I’m 315. It feels different. You move faster and have better wind.

On splitting a double team his first play:
I just remember I had a technique and I saw the running back coming into my hole and I split it.

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