D'Onofrio talks defense after two games

Read on to see what defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio is saying about the defense after two games.

On Thurston Armbrister’s success:
It’s no surprise that when you have the offseason Thurston had, get to 240, have the training camp he had, playing with great effort every day, that’s what will come out on the field. How you prepare and practice is how you’ll perform on game day.

On Chad Thomas:
Chad’s performing well, progressing nicely. He’s going to be a great player.

On the interior DL:
Courtel and Calvin have done a nice job at nose. We got Mike Wyche in the game the other day. Those are all first year players doing well. They just have to keep working hard.

On Demetrius Jackson not playing yet:
We’ll continue bringing him along and we’ll see what happens. We are trying to develop every player on the roster. Some guys are on Scout team. We brought another 6 or 7 along. We played 23 the first game and we played 30 plus in this one.

On whether they plan to redshirt him:
It’s a long season so it’s hard to say. It’s hard to make that finality. We’re not at 85. You don’t know about injuries and how the roster will go it’s hard to make that decision now.

On Arkansas State’s QB:
They’re a very talented team and he’s their leader. He does a great job running their offense and it’s a tremendous challenge for us.

On the defensive improvements overall:
The biggest improvement is we have guys completely buying in. We have less free lancing. We have excellent leadership right now and that’s playing a big role.

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