Q&A with Brad Kaaya

Read on to see what quarterback Brad Kaaya was saying Monday following the team's win over Florida A&M.

On his progression:
I feel like I progressed a lot but I’m never really satisfied. I still have things in there I need to fix.

On the timing being off:
It’s just timing, timing, and timing. We’re getting new pass concepts every week so I’m just trying to get those things down.

On what he wants to improve on the most:
Nothing really in particular.

On his chemistry with Braxton Berrios:
I’ve known him since I was a junior. We talked about the chemistry we hoped to have and you see it now.

On his experience so far:
I have two games under my belt now and have to get ready for the third one.

On what the offense needs to improve on:
Improve on third downs, have more discipline. That is route discipline, myself, the O-Line, it all helps with execution.

On the interceptions:
Sometimes it’s hard because the defense never shows you something twice. They give you a lot of formations. You have to verify what you’re looking at. You don’t want guys jumping your passes.

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