AG updates Muhammad, Coley, depth chart, more

Read on to see what Al Golden was saying Wednesday about the status of Quan Muhammad and Stacy Coley, depth chart updates, and much more.

On whether they’re they want to be size-wise:
You guys know. We just gotta keep building. Do I like our depth at certain positions? Yes. Our receivers are rotating freely, defensive line is rotating. We’re not where we want to be in terms of size and strength at every position. We want to be a physical team, a strong team. We have to go out there and do it.

On Stacy Coley:
He was at practice but we’re still holding him out. We’re being careful with him. He’s starting to run but we’re going to monitor him.

On any depth chart updates:
Corners are still battling. Grace is battling for more time. Gadbois, McDermott, Gall, and Isidora is still a battle. Herb, Brax, Malcolm, those guys are still battling. We’ll have another practice and see who’s on it and then we’ll select the team for Saturday.

On the kicker situation:
(Michael) Badgley is good. He’s doing a good job. I was hoping to redshirt him. Matt had some issues on Saturday that have been resolved. He went to the doctor and we think it’s resolved and he’s kicking well. Lord willing, hopefully he’ll get past that. He had some discomfort Saturday night.

On preparing for ASU:
It’s college football. You wanna be aggressive and attack. The quarterback runs. You have to be sound on those. We have to be disciplined but we want to be aggressive. We can’t sit on our heels. We have to be sharp. They have a real good play action game. He’s run for 80 yards the last two weeks. They have an excellent perimeter game with their screens. Our guys are locked in but we have to have a better day tomorrow.

On Quan Muhammad:
Again, guys, I’m trying to be respectful. As soon as we can announce something, we will. It’s a private issue right now and we’re trying to respect everyone involved. We don’t have resolution right now and until then I’m gonna hold him out.

On Jake O’Donnell:
He played better, is getting better. We need that. He’s seen a more active in short yardage and goal line and Chris has seen a more active role in the passing game.

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