Kaaya talks ASU, Nebraska, and more

Read on to see what freshman quarterback Brad Kaaya is saying about the Arkansas State game, the upcoming game against Nebraska, how the game has already changed for him, and more.

On the offensive success against ASU:
We just executed well and started fast. It was big for us. For us, the offense as a whole is clicking a lot more. Guys are making plays, laying out, a lot more trust among all of us.

On Nebraska:
They have a good defense with a lot of returners. They’ll give us a lot of looks but we just have to do our thing and execute our plays.

On having a former high school teammate at Nebraska:
I’ve played with Terrell since I was six years old. It’s a trip to be playing against him. It’ll be a good feeling. Right now we’re enemies now but off the field we’re friends.

On the changes since week one:
So far the game has slowed down a lot from week one. It’s a lot easier to analyze coverages and recognize fronts.

On Ryan Williams:
Ryan looked good. He’s moving well. He’s getting fluid again. Along the way he’s helped me a lot on the sidelines on certain plays. He’ll help me on what he’s seeing. It’s been like having another coach on the sideline.

On watching the championship game back in 2001:
I was little. All I remember all the Miami and Nebraska fans flooded LA. I was from there so them playing in the Rose Bowl was cool. That was the first Miami game I ever watched. To be playing Nebraska now as a Miami quarterback now is a great feeling.

On the crowd noise expected Saturday:
Everything will be hand and foot motion. There will be a lot of signaling out plays to my receivers. I’ve already experienced Louisville so I know what to expect now.

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