Kehoe reflects on Nebraska rivalry

Miami offensive line coach has been part of some of the best games in school history, including two national championship wins over Nebraska. Read on to see what he's saying about those games, his current offensive line, and more.

On Nebraska:
They have great tradition. We’ve played a lot of great games in this rivalry. We’ve played five times. The crowd will be crazy. We need to go out and play as good as we can possibly play.

On how he feels about them:
I think they’re a terrific team and we’ll have to play as well as we can to beat them. The memories are unbelievable. The first national championship game, I came out with the kickers an hour and a half before the game and there were already 60,000 people in the Orange Bowl. They were number one, 13 point favorites. We had to watch at our pre game meal, Auburn beat someone to get us into the championship. Howard told everyone to relax. We were so pumped up for that game. I believe that was the most important win in our school’s history.

On the 01 game:
It was big stakes. We knew they were tough but we had a pretty good team. Our team was good. Anytime you play a team like that, you better be ready.

On the expected crowd noise:
Our line of scrimmage, Coach Golden and Coach Coley all week we’ve been emphasizing discipline. We’ve talked about no matter how tired you get, focus and communicate. You only play good if everyone’s playing good. You gotta get things communicated and relayed. We’re emphasizing that.

On the potential of this offense:
I’m so excited about our team. We haven’t really done what we need to do. There’s so much we’re leaving out on the field. We just have to keep getting better. Our second teams are getting better. There’s a lot of competition on this team. Guys are breathing down each other’s backs. I can’t wait for the next game no matter who we’re playing.

On Brad Kaaya:
He’s pretty good. I have enough problems with the five guys in front of him. He has an awesome demeanor. If someone says something, he doesn’t get fired up. He’s a cool customer. I can’t wait until the next game he plays. He keeps getting better.

On Kevin Olsen:
I know Kevin. I helped recruit him. I know his dad and brother and I’m sure he’s disappointed like we are. I think he’ll learn, hope he’ll learn from it. He has so much potential and you want to see him grow from it where he goes next. We saw him yesterday and he seemed upset but I guess that’s life lessons. You move on and wish him well.

On his O-Line play lately:
We’re a work in progress. We’re inconsistent but we’re playing hard and that’s what I care about. We made a lot of mistakes but we were finishing. Our standard is six seconds and we’re hitting it a lot. We’re not there yet but we’re getting there.

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