Gadbois on Nebraska: We dont like them

Read on to see what offensive lineman Taylor Gadbois is saying about this week's showdown against Nebraska.

On the expected atmosphere:
I imagine it’ll be pretty wild. I’m not scared of it. It’s just another stadium. We’re going to handle our business.

On being more hungry this week:
You’re hungry every game. Nothing changes. Louisville was my first start and I got caught up for a few plays. Now I don’t have to worry about it and go play football and worry about what I need to worry about.

On Saturday being twice as loud as Louisville:
I wouldn’t say twice as loud. There’s only so many decibels. We do a lot of talking and play a lot of loud music in practice.

On Brad Kaaya’s improvement:
Substantially. He’s relaxed and letting the game coming to him instead of rushing plays and rushing throws. He’s settling in I guess you’d say.

On the history of this rivalry:
It’s history. They’re their team and we’re our team. We haven’t seen them in a national stage in over ten years. We don’t like them but I cant say I like anyone we play.

On Kevin Olsen’s departure:
I’d rather not comment too much but I wish the best for him and hope he works the situation out the best he can.

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